Girl tries to run on treadmill with heels. Guess what happens?

Why would someone run on a treadmill with heels? Excellent question really. Sadly we do not have an answer, just this hilarious GIF.

25 She seems so happy

24 Obligatory Katy Perry jumping

23 Irina Shayk

22 The reveal


20 She REALLY likes that lollipop

19 Work that hula hoop Remy

18 This is why we love summer concerts

17 Shakin’ that ass

16 The boob shot

15 Good ol’ boob slide

14 You can’t get this out of your mind, can you?

13 Just a solid B/W GIF

12 Best GIF? Best GIF.

11 Nice work camera guy

10 Not hot

9 No, you Taylor

8 We need more Katy Perry jumping

7 She’s like the perfect woman

6 Zoe Saldana

5 Chrissy Teigen finds out she has B.O.

4 She loves Skittles waterfalls

3 Teigen’s got moves

2 Teigen, wet and wild

1 Because BOOBS