Glenlivet Alpha will put your whisky skills to the test

There’s a lot of bullshit when it comes to describing whisky. We at Guyism try to remain outside the hints, whispers, and traces of flavors, but Glenlivet has us intrigued. The Glenlivet Alpha is a limited-edition whisky released with no tasting notes or cask information.

They only released 3,350 bottles worldwide, so the chances of you getting your hands on one are slim to none. At $120 you might not want one anyways. In a world where so much is tied up in almost meaningless descriptors though, the marketing campaign was just too good to ignore. The Glenlivet is challenging whisky lovers to discern what’s in the bottle for themselves.

Each week on a new challenge is issued on Facebook and The Glenlivet website, which will slowly unravel the details of The Glenlivet Alpha. Sure you could wait until June when all is revealed, but who has the patience for that?