Chicago-only beer goes national, and you won’t want to miss it



The regional nature of most breweries means that it’s rare for a great beer to get a nation-wide roll-out. A staple of Chicago tap lines is doing just that, and it’s not one you’ll want to miss.

Goose Island is known from coast to coast like butter and toast thanks to AB-InBev. Their 312 Urban Wheat can be found in just about any bar with even a mediocre beer list. Now Goose Island is flexing their feathers again to spread 312 Urban Pale Ale.

312 Urban Pale Ale isn’t just a shot in the dark. It’s based on Green Line, a tried and true beer from Goose Island that’s only available in Chicago. If you’ve visited the Windy City, you’ve undoubtedly seen it on tap almost everywhere, including dives that have never heard the word “craft.”

While most breweries probably hate me because I have no brand loyalty, Green Line has been my fallback lately. When I’m too lazy to peruse a beer list, I’ll have a Green Line and it always hits the spot. It’s an everyman’s beer, and it packs plenty of flavor in just 5% ABV.

Some Chicagoans swore of 312 when it began being brewed outside of the city, but there’s no denying Green Line is Chicago through and through. Now our baby goose is being taken national, or more accurately, a new beer based on Green Line is. I guess at some point your gosling has to grow up. It only seems fair to share such a great beer with the rest of the country.

momversation, Colin Joliat

momversation, Colin Joliat

My only problem is the naming of 312 Urban Pale Ale. No one calls its kin “312 Urban Wheat;” it’s just 312. Now I have to specify which beer I want, which is a nuisance. I’m a man of few words, as evidenced by the 312 of them written here, so I can’t go wasting syllables on clarification.

Available nationwide on 3/12.

Cover image: momversation, Colin Joliat

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