Grillbot finally creates a cleaning robot men actually need

A Roomba? Please, that’s just a randomized cat platform. A Scooba? Not even a robot wants to mop your floor. No, if you want a manly cleaning robot, and you don’t have any gutters for the Looj to clean, then it’s time to shell out for a Grillbot.



The Grillbot is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Once you’re done grilling, give the grill a chance to cool and then put the Grillbot on. Set the amount of cleaning you want with a few presses of the single button, let the little guy loose, and he does his robotic work.

The Grillbot uses three replaceable wire brushes to scrub off the grease and carbon residue you inevitably leave behind on the grill. Even better, you won’t need to burn through AA batteries to get your grill clean. Just plug the bugger in, let it charge up, and then unplug him when you need him to scrub.

The Grillbot will be available in June and it’ll run you $70 for the base model and $100 for the deluxe model. A small price to pay, to never waste time scrubbing with a wire brush again.

Grillbot [Official Site]