Watch This Video Of A Grizzly Bear Outrunning A Car And Think Twice Before Ever Trying To Outrun A Bear

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Humans don’t even register as a blip on the radar when ranking the fastest creatures on the planet. But did you know just how speedy a grizzly bear is?

When you grow up at some point you’re told that if you’re in close proximity of a bear you don’t run, and don’t climb a tree. I was taught this in the Boy Scouts by some guy who’d probably never encountered a bear and didn’t know what it was like fighting between the urge to sh*t your pants and the urge to run like hell. In a heated situation where you’re face-to-face with an apex predator you’re typically not thinking with a level head.

That said, having watched this video I can now definitively say that if I’m ever in a situation where there’s a curious Grizzly, the last thing I’ll ever do is turn and run like hell. JUST LOOK AT THE DAMN WHEELS ON THIS BEAST!

Not only was that bear outpacing the car for a while, but it was contending with huge puddles, rocks, slippery ground, any number of obstacles. Think about that thing charging on flat ground.


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