Surfer Paddles For His Life To Escape Great White Attack, Photographer Captures Entire Ordeal

Frits De Bruyn


A surfer in Australia was greeted by a fesity great white shark while in the water at West Beach in Western Australia. He was forced to take evasive maneuvers in order to avoid a potentially deadly attack.

Photographer Frits De Bruyn captured the incredible ordeal as surfer Andy Johnston was paddling for his life, trying to escape a 10-foot long great white shark in hot pursuit.

From TheIntertia:

Localism at its finest. Above are photographs taken by holiday maker Frits De Bruyn who captured Andy Johnston being chased out of the water by a 3-meter great white shark at West Beach near Esperance in Western Australia. Ignoring the warnings from several people on the beach, Johnston decided to stay in the water and enjoy the merits of an empty lineup. The result: an eerie dark shadow inches from taking a bite out of Mr. Johnston. This incident occurred just two weeks before Sean Pollard lost an arm and hand at Wylie Bay Beach, just 30 miles from this exact location.

Be honest, how long would it have taken before you crapped yourself?

Frits De Bruyn


Frits De Bruyn


Frits De Bruyn


Frits de Bruyn


For more pics from the insane encounter with the great white you can check out The Intertia or WAToday.


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