Halloween 2015: The Time I Met The Most Interesting Man In The World And The Best Costumes Of The Year

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On a typical year I’m staunchly against getting amped up for Halloween. I’m past my collegiate years where there was actual value in putting some thought and energy into a badass Halloween costume (it might get you laid), and the past few Halloweens I’ve been pretty laissez faire about the entire holiday: if something cool’s gonna happen I’ll just let hit happen. This year I got an invite out of the blue, one of those rare invites you don’t pass up, and just like that my Halloween spirit had been reinvigorated. Dos Equis was a sponsor of this year’s NYC Halloween Parade, and The Most Interesting Man in the World was the 2015 NYC Village Halloween Parade Grand Marshal.

The invite I’d received was from Dos Equis, and it was to go meet The Most Interesting Man in the World as well as ride on the float with him in the world’s most famous Halloween Parade. Obviously I said yes, because that man’s a goddamn icon these days and he’s definitely been on my bucket list of celebrities I’d like to meet one day. So after meeting up beforehand to crush a bunch of brews we hopped on the float with The Most Interesting Man in the World and then for 20 or so blocks I waved at about a million New Yorkers whilst swigging whisky out of a flask from underneath my cape (the theme was masquerade).

That got me thinking that I’d pool together the best costumes I both saw in the parade, and the bet costumes I’ve seen online so for (see: r/funny on Reddit). This way if you bros need any costume ideas for next year’s Halloween you can reference this post, AND we can finally put to rest ‘the best of 2015 Halloween’ with this post. So without further ado, here’s me trying to photobomb The Most Interesting Man in the World on the Dos Equis float before realizing I’d actually get to take some photos with him later in the night AND the best costumes I found over on Reddit.


Dos Equis

I’m not gonna lie, every single time we’d pull up to a new section of the crowd the Most Interesting Man in the World would start waving and people would go absolutely nuts for him. It really was a unique experience watching people go nuts over a celebrity like that. Something I hope you all get to witness at least once, just so you know what it’s like.


Dos Equis


Dos Equis

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