High school football rivals get into epic food fight at Whataburger

Students of two San Antonio rival high schools headed to Whataburger after a football game Saturday. Words were exchanged, momma jokes were told, food started flying. The epic fight was captured on video.

Whataburger had to close for 30 minutes to clean up the mess. Spoiled kids being spoiled because ‘MERICA. A colossal waste of food if you ask me.

Administrators from both Brandeis and O’Connor are reviewing the video, though it appears no punishment will be handed out.

Whataburger, to their credit, is taking the high road and not pressing charges. That’s unfortunate.

“We understand that this act was an emotional moment between a small group of students and not representative of the entire student population,” a company spokesman said in an email. “The Whataburger team will continue to welcome Brandeis and O’Connor students at our restaurants and we’re also committed to continuing the partnership and support of both high schools.”