How To Make A Rocket That Flies 2,000ft In The Air Using Kitty Litter, Powdered Sugar, and Costing Only $0.50

You should never have to justify ‘why’ you might want to build a rocket, because building rockets is inherently awesome and anybody who questions that is a jackass.

Here we receive a tutorial on how to make a rocket capable of flying 2,000-feet vertically using kitty litter, potassium nitrate, and powdered sugar as the materials, PVC tubing, and an oak dowel…oh, and did I mention that it only costs fifty cents to make?

via Grant Thompson, “The King Of Random”

But because I know digesting information is much easier in GIF than by watching a 6-minute video, here’s the GIF breakdown:


The Potassium Nitrate:

Get the cheapest kitty litter possible and blend, then pack it tight by smacking it with a mallet:

Repeat above until the plug is 3/4″ thick. Then cap it with a kitty litter end cap using the same process as above.

Drill your hole (preferably by hand so you don’t set anything off by accident):

Go somewhere secluded and enjoy your badass (and cheap) homemade rocket:

And voila! Now you’re a rocket scientist. Thank me later.


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