Important news: Rafael Nadal won 152 euros playing online poker

Rafael Nadal Poker


It’s been quite some time since we heard from Rafael Nadal so let’s check in and see how the former world #1 is doing. According to Russia Today, he’s involved in some serious gambling. And by serious I mean he’s playing online poker. And by playing online poker I mean he’s entering tournaments for €10 (that’s Euros for the non-worldly among you).


Nadal entered a €10 freeze-out tournament on and defeated his 47 opponents to walk away with the €152.40 – not the biggest jackpot compared to his $50 million tennis career winnings, but no doubt the win gladdened the 26 year old.

Having joined PokerStars in June 2012 Rafa is still a relative novice at poker. There is a great deal of space between winning a €10 buy-in tournament and being recognized as one of the greats of the game.

But he is progressing fast, receiving training in the nuances of the game from top professionals, and one day he could reach the top, where, as his tennis career proves, he feels most comfortable.

You guys, you guys, Rafael Nadal could totally be like the Spanish Doyle Brunson if he sat at a computer for 15 hours a day. Put your mind to it Rafael, go for it! Forget the whole tennis thing. Today, it’s €10 and soon €20. By the time 2020 rolls around you’ll be the king of the low limit room.