Tire sensors warn when your car is packed with too much crap

Everybody in their twenties will be helping somebody move at least three or four times a year as their friends move in with significant others, break up with significant others, trade up to a non-crappy place, and so on. And you will probably, at some point, overstuff a car to the point where you’re risking a blowout.



Unless you have Continental’s new tires.

Continental already has sensors that help you determine the exact air pressure in your tire, but they’re taking it a little further with their new round of sensors.

And how, precisely, does this sensor work? It’s actually pretty clever. As you put more weight in your car, the amount of area the tire has pressed against the ground while at rest increases. That’s called the contact patch.

All the sensor does is measure the size of your contact patch. Go beyond a certain limit and it drops you a warning that maybe you need to make this trip in a few more loads.

You do have to drive a few hundred feet to get these sensors to fully work, but it beats trashing your suspension. They’ll be available later this year.

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