Infographic shows where your beer is grown

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Breweries have popped up in every state in America, and most love to tout that they use local ingredients. The truth is, hops only grown in 3 states in America, and yeast is even more limited with only two suppliers. While homebrewers would likely know this, Joe McCrafty probably doesn’t. What they’re actually talking about when they say locally sourced are the adjuncts.

Adjuncts are the additional grains, spices, and fruits added to the mash for extra flavor or consistency, and that’s where breweries love to keep it local. Not only does it ensure they’re fresh, which is important for popular choices like raspberries and strawberries, it also gives them a tie to the community and a local flavor. In this day in age where we all pretend to care where our food comes from, it’s nice to think our beer is “homegrown” too.

Flickr | Brookston

Flickr | Brookston

America’s Beershed [BrookstonBeerBulletin]

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