This Jamaal Charles video is the fakest fake thing you’ll see this year

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles is fast, very fast. But can he catch up to his own pass? Watch this video and find out.



In short, the answer is no. No, Jamaal Charles did not catch his own pass. It’s great camera work but please, stop insulting our intelligence. Please stop trying to make these “cool” viral videos. You look stupid.

A reddit user named Hubris broke down why this is fake/

He would have to throw the ball in excess of 67.7 mph ( 109 kph) in order for this to be possible.

Fastest throw in the NFL currently is allegedly 63 mph by Favre

Conclusion: FAKE


6 Seconds hang time

50 yards traveled (150ft)

Perfect parabolic trajectory

No air resistance


Vertical (y)

Maximum height is 144 feet [0.5gt2 = 0.5(32 ft/s)(3s)2]

Initial vertical velocity is thus 96 feet per second [Vyo = gt = (32 ft/s)*(3s)]

Horizontal (x)

Initial horizontal velocity is 25 ft/s [150ft/6 seconds]

Overall Velocity

Initial velocity was 99.2 ft/s [ V=(Vx2+Vy2)0.5 = ((96)2+(25)2)0.5)]

This is equivalent to 67.7 miles per hour
Angle of ~75 degrees