James Harden made 2 field goals, scored 27 points

Here’s a horribly awesome stat for you. Rockets guard James Harden went 2-9 against the Grizzlies last night yet managed to score 27 points because the NBA is fantastic y’all!



According to SportsCenter, Harden is the first player to score 27 points with only two field goals. He went 22-25 from the line. The previous record holder for field goal sucktitude is Charles Barkley, who went 2-16 from the field and scored 26 points in a game against the Washington Bullets in 1995.

Not surprisingly, the Grizzlies weren’t happy about last night’s officiating. Here’s Zach Randolph weighing in.

“It was the refs tonight,” said Randolph, who received a technical late in the fourth. “Eight against five. The game in the second half, a man was shooting free throws every time. We were out there playing hard, and they were dictating the game. It can’t be like that. We are out there playing, too.

“It was horrible refereeing, it was a horrible game they reffed tonight. Awful. They dictated the game. We are out there working as hard as them.”

Yeah, ZBo’s gonna be a little light in the wallet soon. In all, the Rockets shot 40 free throws, the Grizzlies 20. Quite a disparity but not unheard of. Especially for a home team.

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