Japanese woman arrested after trying to 3D print her genitals

In an fund raising effort to build a ‘dream boat’ in the shape of her nappy dugout, a Japanese woman has been arrested for sending computer data with the intent of 3D printing her junk.

Megumi Igarashi (who’s known by her artistic alias ‘Rokudenashiko’), is charged with violating Japanese national law that prohibits distribution of “indecent” material. And as we all know, Japanese p0rn is VERY anti-genitalia. No close-ups, no pubic hair, nothing.

So I’m not sure why Igarashi, who is sometimes referred to as ‘the vagina artist’ is hellbent on making a boat in the shape of her hatchet wound, but she’s got a CampFire campaign set up to see her dream come true:

I don’t speak Japanese and Google won’t translate the captions for me on that video, so I can only assume it’s seven minutes of her espousing all the reasons that we need a yacht in the shape of her hootie, and why tentacle porn is good for the economy.

She’s already reached 194% of her crowd funded goal, brining in 514,800 yen as of the time of publication. So apparently getting arrested for trying to 3D print her junk was a good thing? Hooray?

A petition has been set up in her honor to try and have the charges dropped. And the folks over at Spoon-Tamago were able to track down photos of both her 3D-vagina model, and a rudimentary kayak she built in the shape of it (not the boat she’s hoping to crowdfund). Yay vagina art?

Japan: the Florida of the East.


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SOURCE: Printing3dtoday and SpoonTamago