Off-duty cop saves man’s life in most heroic moment of 2014

John Vescio

A 69-year-old man lost control of his car and crashed into a gas station in White Plains, New York. Moments before the car exploded into flames an off-duty cop rushed in to save the unconscious driver. Here is the unreal, heroic video.

The hero is John Vescio, a New York State trooper. He was injured in the wreck but has since returned to work.

Vescio can be seen returning to the burning car and dragging the unconscious driver to safety.

Vescio had been hurt in the chain-reaction crash when the pump fell on top of him. He scrambled away just as the front of the Toyota and the pump caught fire. After briefly escaping from the flames, he returned to drag the trapped driver to safety with help from another bystander.

Vescio then told people to move away, knowing that there was ammunition and a weapon in his heavily damaged unmarked car. His ammunition was all accounted for and didn’t explode from the flames.

We often see the bad side of cops, the videos where they abuse power, the violent arrest videos. So it’s nice to see some positive highlights from the boys in blue.