Ke$ha tells Conan she writes songs with her boobs

I’ve never had an opinion about Ke$ha until her appearance on Conan last night. She’s now my favorite artist after showing up in a shirt covered in Conan’s face and talking about writing songs with her boobs. Who knew she could be funny? She’s so casual about the story that I’m almost inclined to believe that Tic & Toc, which I assume is what she’s named her boobs, are responsible for her chord progressions. She trolling in real life, and I love her for it.

Being unfamiliar with her music outside of hearing it at bars, I didn’t know what to expect when they got to the topic of metaphors. As someone with a dollar sign in her name, I figured that was way beyond her musical purview. Look at Ma$e. He was the sittin’ on top of the world in 1997, but the man couldn’t make a reasonable metaphor. It turns out Ke$ha is Shakespearean with that shit. “I wrote a song called, “Grow a Pair.” It’s not actually about the fruit.”