Lambeau Lovin’: Packers fans have their very own dating website

Yes, there’s a Green Bay Packers dating website and yes, there are females on it. Real, actual females—I think. 189 to be exact. I even looked at a few of their profiles—you know, for research purposes.

Packers dating website

I was expecting a little more creativity from the users. A few Packer related taglines like:

“That’s not where I put my cheesehead.”
“How about some ‘discount double trouble.”
“Yes, I do have a swiss cheese condom.”

Or even some usernames like:

Randall’s Cobb
Favre’s Tiny Penis
B.J. Raji’s Taint

Alas, the site’s kind of boring. A lot of fake profiles and perhaps a few um, prostitutes.

Give it up for CumEllen though

4-16-2014 8-25-05 AM

And how about this guy? He’s got nice tits.

Packers fan man

Straight and to the point. Don’t mess with Texas.


Cummings seems to be a popular name

Cummings J

Cummings Tara

My advice Packers fan? You can do better. Much, much better. This is a janky ass website with little or no Packers affiliation. The goddamn background is blue. They couldn’t even throw in some green and yellow. And how about using these girls on the site. Reel in the Packer pervs. Jeez, it’s like I have to do the work for you.

green bay bikinis

So much potential cast away like a cheese-induced fart in the wind. Pass.

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