Lay’s making chocolate-covered potato chips, because America

In a move that sounds like it was taken straight from the Guyism Grill, Frito-Lay will be dipping their iconic “Wavy Lay’s” in milk chocolate. Is “This Is Why You’re Fat” still up and running?

Frito Lay

The sweet and salty combination is nothing new. It Swiffered the nation years ago and refused to go away (thankfully). I can’t think of a time I’ve ever had a potato and thought it could use chocolate though. I wouldn’t dip my fries in syrup, and I wouldn’t swap out bacon and cheddar for Hersey’s Kisses on a baked potato.

Just because I don’t think it makes sense doesn’t mean I won’t eat them. Chocolate-covered Wavy Lay’s should hit Target stores this week and you can be damn sure I’ll be there. The limited-time flavor is available through the holiday season and costs $3.49 for a 5 oz. bag.

via Time