LeftoverSwap app helps you eat someone’s leftover food

A new app called LeftoverSwap connects hungry or cheap people with other diners’ unwanted leftovers. Gross? Probably. Brilliant? Absolutely.



We’ve all been sitting at a restaurant waiting to order, watched a group get up to leave, and wanted to just eat what they had left. Of course you didn’t do that because it would be frowned upon, but you certainly thought about it. Why pay for food when there’s perfectly good stuff sitting right there that’s just going to be thrown away?

LeftoverSwap connects people with leftovers to those willing to eat them. They give plenty of evidence of how it will benefit waste, waists, and spotted owls, but at the end of the day it’s really all about getting free food. If you have leftovers, take a picture and post it. Some brokedick college kid will come pick it up and eat it. If you’re hungry, just keep your spotted owl eyes on the app and see when a delicious half-eaten egg salad sandwich pops up.

The other option would be to just give your food to a homeless guy. He’s probably hungry too but doesn’t have the Verizon unlimited data plan. The app isn’t out yet, but you can sign up to be notified once it goes live for the iPhone on August 30th. Android users will just have to continue living like civilized human beings.

via NPR

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