Man visits strip club, man leaves 3-year-old in car

This story of a man going into a strip club and leaving his 3-year-old in the car happened in Florida because Florida is a magical place where magical things happen. The man in need of an emergency lap dance was Monty Grow–you may remember him as a Florida Gator linebacker in the early 90s. You may also remember him as some asshole who was probably on Cops in a wife beater. I maybe made that part up. But did I?


Deputies say when they got to the scene, the child’s grandparents were already there and had removed the child from the vehicle.

An investigation revealed 41-year-old Monty R. Grow had driven the car into to the Drive Time parking lot and left the girl unattended in the vehicle while he went into Diamond Dolls strip club around 9:48 p.m. Sunday.

What a bizarre story. Not because he left his child in a strip club parking lot but because he went to the club on a Sunday night. Like, what’s happening at Diamond Dolls on Sunday night? Are we thinking $12.95 Surf ‘N Turf or 2-for-1 lap dances?

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