Marijuana infused bacon is a real thing you can eat

Forget pot brownies, a butcher in Seattle is making marijuana infused bacon. It’s delicious proof that stoners will buy anything if you tell them there is pot in it.

We at Guyism are all for bacon innovation and advanced pot consumption techniques, but this is stupid. The reporter was too busy rolling as many pot puns as she could in the joint that she didn’t follow up on the most important part of the interview. The meat isn’t actually infused with pot. It isn’t seasoned with THC. It’s not soaked in a marijuana brine. It’s not even smoked with weed. No, the butcher just feeds pigs leftover marijuana. While that’s hilarious, it’s also pointless. Eating weed isn’t going to infuse its flavor into the pigs muscles any more than the bugs they eat. I’ll gladly eat it because it’s bacon, but don’t be expecting to high.

ABC via WarmingGlow