Master-baiter loses $30,000 in live bait after saboteur strikes with bleach

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Is there no honor amongst fishermen anymore?

Alexander Ramer, 25, of Boynton Beach stands accused of killing over $20,000 in live bait by pouring bleach in to a bait well. The live baits are primarily used throughout South Florida for off-shore fishing, and by anglers in search of large pelagic game fish.

With a string of fishing tournaments coming up and a spike in customer orders, police believe Alexander Ramer saw the opportunity to sabotage his competition by killing off their stock, driving customers away from Dynamite Live Bait.



Dynamite Live Bait is owned & operated by Gary Case (58), who sells Goggle Eyes (pictured above) for $100/dozen and Speedos for $150/dozen. He’s reported to have lost 170 dozen Goggle Eyes and 25 dozen Speedos, putting the actual damages closer to $30,000 and well above the initial reports of $20,000 by police.

Again, I ask, is there no honor amongst fishermen anymore? Having spent the bulk of my life shelling out $$$ to these men who catch the baitfish, I completely understand the frustrations of how much these miniature fish cost. But you have to pay to play, it’s as simple as that. And showing up by boat to some guy’s dock, and dumping bleach into his bait pen is about as cowardly of a move as I’ve ever heard in in the fishing community.

I wouldn’t be shocked if this saboteur starts mysteriously noticing equipment missing, and his boat miraculously sinking every time he floats it back up to the surface (I’m assuming he didn’t make just one enemy here). Because not only did he raise the ire of Gary Case, but he’s now angered every tournament fishermen in S.FL who relied on Gary for bait. Not a smart move bro, not a smart move at all.


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