McDonald’s Japan selling the ‘Mega Potato’

If you want lots and lots of fries with that, head to Japan and order the McDonald’s Mega Potato. It’s a bucket-load of McDonald’s fries for less than $5.

Medium vs Mega, RocketNews24

The McDonald’s Mega Potato is the size of more than two large fries in one. That’s a lot of greasy, salty goodness. The box states, “perfect for sharing,” but you can still order one if you’re sad and lonely. That’s probably why you’re alone in the first place. Just be sure to eat them like a rabid animal so that you get through the entire Mega Potato before the fries start to get cold and soggy.

A large order of fries in the US is 154g. The Mega Potato comes in at a dominating 350g. For those who are doing some mental math to see how many times per week you can eat this without exploding, I’ll help you out. It’s 1136 calories and 57g of fat. That’s actually not that bad by comparison, assuming you aren’t getting any other food with it.

via RocketNews24