Mensa now has genius-only dating site, ignoramuses need not apply

In an effort to advance their eugenics agenda, Mensa International, the organization for people with genius-level IQ’s, has created their own dating site.

Genius image by Shutterstock

Founded back in 1946, Mensa has built their organization around people who score at or above the 98th percentile in standardized IQ tests. “The minimum accepted score on the Stanford-Binet is 132, while for the Cattell it is 148.Most IQ tests are designed to yield a mean score of 100 with a standard deviation of 15; the 98th-percentile score under these conditions is 131.”

So, with 110,000 captive-audience members worldwide why not push their eugenics agenda and get in to the online dating game? Right? Because genius sperm + genius egg = automatic baby genius. It’s just science.

In an announcement on Mensa’s US site, they’ve detailed what they’re hoping to do with ‘Mensa Match’

“American Mensa isn’t just about encouraging adults to think; connections over ideas and interests have always been a part of our culture, and now Mensa Match helps Mensans connect on a more emotional level. In partnership with®, Mensa Match helps Mensans meet and find friendships and love with Mensans or other people outside of the organization who share similar interests.”

And since I know that each and every one of you Guyism readers are sporting a genius-level IQ, I simply had to share this new dating world for you. But given that the entire organization is run by geniuses, surely there’s no way this can go wrong, right?

Also, if we’re really being honest here then cutting out the question of whether or not someone values intelligence in a partner is no different than the same function that a site like JDate serves, it’s just preemptively narrowing down the things that a person might value. So good on MENSA for trying to make a world of genius babies.

In the past here on Guyism we’ve outlined the different people you can find on each type of dating site, and given that Mensa’s pretty damn straightforward on who’ll you’ll find: borderline Asberger’s level genius, there’s really no sense in updating our previous catalog of dating sites and their users.

But you can read that in full here: 7 Dating Sites And The Type of Woman You’ll Find on Them