Mike Rowe hates Bryan Cranston but loves Lagunitas

Mike Rowe has done a lot of dirty jobs, but none worse than having to apologize for snubbing Bryan Cranston. It was a good move though given that Rowe values his life, and Cranston could take it at any moment.

OK, so the headline was sensationalism. I admit it. Mike Rowe was simply too busy to watch Breaking Bad, but there was something about “I watched every episode of Malcolm in the Middle. You were great as Hal,” that felt incredibly condescending. Luckily all things can be settled over a moderately cold Lagunitas IPA. And no, that wasn’t product placement. Lagunitas had no hand in putting their beer on the table for Mike Rowe’s Mea Culpa, but they’ll certainly take the endorsement. It just goes to show that blue collar guys (in action not income) can still drink awesome beer.