IKEA recalls moose and pork lasagna


IKEA can’t catch a break. Earlier this year it was discovered that there was horse in the meatballs. Now they’ve recalled 17,000 portions of lasagna. Why? They were supposed to be moose meat but contained pork. Oh, the humanity!

Did you know that IKEA sold “moose lasagna?” I didn’t, but I learned while I was in Sweden last month that they are all about eating moose. The stuff is good, too. These frozen lasagnas happened to be found in Belgium though. For a country that’s more than happy to eat horse meat, you’d think they wouldn’t mind a little rogue pork. What’s the big deal?

Just like with the meatball recall, I think it’s more a matter of people wanting to know what they’re eating rather than being disgusted by pork. Yes, there are some religious implications, but for the most part if you’re eating a moose you probably up for some pork as well.

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