7 of the most insane marijuana-infused foods that exist

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You’ve all heard of pot brownies and pot cookies, but what are some of the stranger items that stoners will feed themselves to ingest all the crazy they could need for an evening? Let’s take a look at some of the most insane marijuana-infused foods available today.

7 Marijuana Lollipops

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I have only one question: how many licks does it take to get to the center of your own mind?

6 Marijuana Topical Ointments

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Okay, fine – these aren’t snacks at all. But you know some desperate pothead tried to ingest them when his stash had been depleted one night. Check out Cannibas Topical on Pinterest to see a head-scratching assortment of bath salts, body butters and more.

5 Marijuana Lemonade

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Share the taste of summertime with marijuana lemonade for $10 a bottle. Sold by Marijuanaedibles.com, the bottle tries it best to stay on legal terms by stating “For intended patient use.” Sure, that’s your target market.

4 Marijuana Chocolate Truffles

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Dixie Elixirs sells what they refer to as “Medicated Chocolate Truffles.” Buyers get a whopping two truffles per package. That’s just enough to have a vision of the colorful, animal-adorned Aztec chocolate gift God, Quetzalcoatl.

3 Marijuana Butter

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If there was a reason to make your own butter, (rather than buy a pound of it for like 3 cents at the supermarket) it would be to infuse it with marijuana. Butterjuana’s pro is that you can cook any other type of food you want to taste terrible in it. Its con is…hahaha ‘con’ is a funny word, what were we talking about?

2 Marijuana Soda

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Canna Cola sells theit medically-altered soda pop with “flavors” like Orange Kush, Grape Ape and Sour Diesel.

1 Marijuana Pork

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Yes, there’s a Seattle butcher who feeds his pigs pot. No, it won’t get you high. Yes, the pigs got high (complete with the munchies and a really relaxed attitude and philosophy on life), and that’s hilarious enough for us.

(Previously published on July 15, 2013.)