Naked, high on coke, riding a tricycle and chewing glass is certainly an original way to get arrested

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Naked, high on cocaine, riding tricycle and chewing glass with tobacco sounds like a way someone gets killed in Clue. It’s the way one fella got arrested.

Jermaine Jones was hosting a one man party at his apartment complex in Trenton, NJ. Death and Taxes sets the scene:

Officers discovered the 31-year-old cruising around an apartment complex on a tricycle. He was naked and high on cocaine. Jones was also found chewing on a glass bottle and chewing tobacco–an old family recipe.

The police report states that a naked Jones (mugshot above) “admitted to ingesting cocaine” and was “chewing on glass and cigarette tobacco” when he was found under a stairwell at the Crossroads Apartments complex.

I’ve got my mom’s recipe for tobacco and glass but I’d be interested to hear this guy’s recipe.

Naked man on cocaine arrested while riding tricycle, chewing glass and tobacco [Death and Taxes]

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