NCAA continues cruel and unusual punishment; denies hardship waiver for player who lost father and brother

by 6 years ago

Here’s your weekly reminder that the NCAA is an awful organization. An organization full of old men incapable of rational thought. Their latest f-ck up involves Kerwin Okoro, a basketball player who transferred to Rutgers.

Okoro lost his father and brother last year while he was away at Iowa State. He came home to be closer to his family and made the decision to stay there permanently. Rutgers was nearby so he asked the NCAA for a hardship waiver.

Seems pretty straightforward. The NCAA regularly grants waivers for injury and illness, among other things. This would seem to fall in that “other” category.

But earlier this week Okoro found out his waiver was denied. Here’s his brother reacting on Twitter.


ESPN analysts Jay Bilas and Dick Vitale have offered their support for Okoro on Twitter.



The stupidity here is astounding. We’ve reached the NCAA’s nadir. They’ve had bad moments before but this one seems particularly cruel.

They won’t change their minds either. They’re as stubborn as they are stupid.