Nerf’s new gun can blast you from 100 feet away

Inside every man is a boy who just wants a better Nerf gun. Their new iteration may be the one to get you buying again.

nerf gun

PopSci/Corinne Iozzio

Nerf’s newest gun claims to fire 100 feet and was tested by Popular Science in an exclusive report.

In order to increase the new Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion’s ballistic velocity to the 55 MPH required to shoot a dart, the Nerf team had to reinvent how it structured its funs.

The toy gun’s launch mechanism has been superpowered to accomodate the need for speed; a spring-loaded piston fires out Nerf’s newest missiles the 100 feet just as promised.

The gun is 40 inches in length so it’s probably a bit unwieldy to casually pull out and blast.

The N-Strike Elite Centurion retails for $49.99 and will be on store shelves this fall. You can view more on Popular Science’s super important test here.