New Belgium’s Ashville brewery set on fire

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New Belgium

New Belgium

New Belgium is building a brewery in Asheville, North Carolina, and some wine-loving arsonist started fires on the site. Talk about a party foul.

OK, that wine-loving part is just pure conjecture by me, but the fire was real as is the report that it was caused by arson. The blaze was started around 11pm on Friday and took five hours to fully contain. The buildings affected were an old auction house and the hay barn.

The auction house was set to be torn down this spring, which immediately screams inside job, but there have been several suspicious fires in the area in the past few months. Plus, it can’t cost that much to demolish a rickety old building. Hell, I’d probably pay money to be able to go destroy something with a sledgehammer for an hour. No need to commit a felony.

As for the hay barn, it’s safe to assume that it was full of “walkers,” and the ghost of Shane was just trying to prevent the New Belgium employees from being bitten. Why else would someone light something so innocuous on fire. Th building help up pretty well for an old shit-shack, at least compared the the auction house.

Updates from New Belgium.

New Belgium

New Belgium

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