NFL will double ticket prices for New York Super Bowl

The average fan has been priced out of the market for Super Bowl XLVIII at Metlife Stadium. A ticket last year that cost $1,250 will now go for $2600. The NFL believes this plan will curb sales in the secondary market.



Nevermind the fact that $2600 represents 2-3 mortgage payments for a family.

Hooray capitalism!

According to the NFL, research on the secondary market during the 2013 Super Bowl shows many $600 tickets sold for $2,000 while seats near midfield went for up to $6,100 and premium club seats changed hands for $6,400—both multiples of their face value.

Sadly, the Super Bowl itself isn’t about the fans, it’s about corporate sponsorship. It’s about the NFL giving a reach around to Busch, Ford, Papa John’s, Pepsi and whoever else is hot that year. I get it, I really do. I understand the experience isn’t for us mortals.

I’m happy watching on my big screen with my 7-layer nachos and chicken wings because this is America dammit. I don’t need to be around 70,000 screaming fans when I have 1080p in my damn house!

Suck it Goodell! And yea, I hope it snows.