Of course the Japanese are making gummy people

3D scanning is one of those technologies that sounds pretty neat on the surface, but the wider implications of that technology are genuinely mind-blowing. There are literally thousands of applications for this technology that are changing the world, right now, even as we speak.


Oh, and it’s also used for insane, goofy crap like this.

As part of a romantic Japanese holiday, something along the lines of Valentine’s Day, a Japanese company is offering a service wherein you come in, get a full 3D scan, and then that scan is used to make a gummy bear of yourself.

Seriously. They’re actually doing this.

First of all, we’re not sure how romantic it is to encourage the love of your life to engage in fruity, delicious cannibalism. Secondly, we’ve got to wonder who sees this and thinks it’s a great idea. Don’t get us wrong, we can think of thousands of pranks, er, applications for giant gummy people, most of which involve the carpool lane and/or funeral homes, but we’re not really sure that “romance” quite describes the overall effect.

Japanese Cafe Lets You Create Gummy Bear Versions Of Yourself [Design Taxi]