Old Heaven Hill Bonded is great bourbon for $12

Stop paying too much for bourbon! After a blind taste test involving 20 different bourbons, it’s been determined that a $12 bottle is better than many pricier options.



While it didn’t take top prize, Old Heaven Hill Bonded managed to beat out 11 other bourbons. At $12 a bottle that’s pretty damn good. A couple notable names that it trumped were Jim Beam Black and Bulleit. Who says a bottle has to cost a fortune to get the job done and still be enjoyable? It looks like I’ll have to add another to my 7 of the best bourbons under $20 list.

The taste test was conducted by Stockyard Palate with an assist from super-blogger Good Beer Hunting, and it consisted of 20 wide-ranging bourbons including the 12-year-old iteration of the infamous Pappy Van Winkle. Top prize went to Bookers though, which immediately sent me to my cabinet to pour a dram. Knob Creek, my go-to yet currently empty bottle, also performed well.

Check out StockyardChicago for the full affair, including a lesson in bourbon, tasting tips, and the full rundown of 20 bourbons and how each fared.

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