Remember the kid from ‘Step by Step’ who disappeared? Neither does Patrick Duffy

via ABC

via ABC


Patrick Duffy did a Reddit AMA and that now means everyone in the world has done an AMA if that’s the barrel bottom getting scraped for guests.

Anyway, the Dallas star and former 80s panty moistener discussed his much beloved by millions (just pretend) sitcom Step by Step. You remember the show with the guy who beat his wife and the woman with the thighs that could snap your junk off, don’t you? Again, pretend.

Duffy wants to do a reunion, says the entire cast is still “close” (they all work at the same Pizza Hut) and thinks a couple dozen letters to ABC would make it happen. Whatever.

Duffy addressed a question about his son on the show who just up and disappeared one day. He didn’t do porn, that was the other TGIF show, the writers just ran out of ideas for the youngest Lambert.

“Oh, little Josh! It was one of those things that they do on television quite a bit. I think it started on ‘HAPPY DAYS’ where Richie’s older brother just disappeared into the ether somewhere and was never mentioned again on the show. I think they did it on ‘ROSEANNE.’ So on “STEP BY STEP,” they ran out of plot concepts to involve the character, and somehow by ignoring the character, the character disappeared. We never made mention of it, the show just sort of went on. We had enough kids, they probably couldn’t keep track of them anyway.”

Where’s Josh now? Well, he’s managing the Pizza Hut. Kidding. It’s a Long John Silver.