Penis pudding, best beer fests, Gemma Lee Farrell and more are winning the Internet today

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If You Want Penis Pudding, You’re in Luck


Huffington Post

Somehow this isn’t in Japan, but it’s close!
Taiwan’s First Sex-Themed Restaurant Just Opened, Has Penis on the Menu (NSFWish)

Abbreviations and Acronyms Finally Explained


The Chive

Nowww it all makes sense!
25 Abbreviations and Acronyms You’ve Always Wondered About (25 Photos)

Tell This One to Your Wife…


Gemma Lee Farrell is Almost Too Hot


SI Extra Mustard

We’ve been bragging on her for months. This is why.
SI Hot Clicks

Idiot Kicked in Head by Passing Train Conductor Could Get Rich



This makes me hate the world.
Viral Video Guy Could Get Rich Over Kick in the Head

Who Knows Katy Better? Katy Perry or Her Superfan?

Playboy Babe Lindsey Pelas


Gorilla Mask

She’s pretty fun to look at.
Lindsey Pelas (NSFWish)

Not Your Average Sand Castles



How could you make these knowing they’ll eventually be destroyed?
These are Not Your Average Sand Castles [13 Photos]

The Next Katherine Webb?


Busted Coverage

Yay or nay?
Florida QB Will Grier’s Girlfriend Taylor Walker is the Next Katherine Webb

Solid Advice


When to Quit, Fight or Accept Defeat

As the old saying goes, you gotta know when to fold ’em.
How to Know When to Quit, Fight or Accept Defeat

Carly Lauren is Very Photogenic


Fox Sports Buzzer

And has a wonderful Instagram account./
Drake’s Bizarre Behavior; Middle Fingers Everywhere; Carly Lauren is Fox-y

International Beer Fests You Should Hit



Road trip anybody?
6 International Beer Fests You Should Hit This Year

Avril Lavigne Out Weirded the Japanese



I didn’t think that was even possible. Congrats, Avril.
Avril Lavigne Just Out Weirded the Japanese. Which is Hard to Do

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday


SI Extra Mustard

Funny lost pet signs, Times Sqaure GIFs, Hannah Davis and more!