People thought Animal Planet’s mermaid show was real

Mermaids: The New Evidence

Animal Planet

People are dumb, but that isn’t particularly news at this point. So Animal Planet just announced that they set ratings records this Sunday with Mermaids: The New Evidence, a faked documentary that purports to uncover proof that underwater humanoids were real – and were our evolutionary precursors.

The show was pretty bad, with lousy acting, idiotic pseudo-science and seriously unconvincing special effects. But that didn’t stop literally hundreds of people from taking the bait and believing it. Here’s a quick scan of Twitter to reveal the dumbest of the dumb. Look at that image up there and imagine saying to yourself “Yep, looks legit.” Can’t do it, right? Congratulations, your brain is working.

America, ladies and gentlemen. The country where bad CGI and worse acting can convince people of absolutely anything. Stay tuned for my upcoming webseries, My Giant Penis: The New Evidence.