The Internet Had A Field Day Photoshopping This Photo Of A US Navy Dolphin Jumping Out Of The Water


Imgur / Photoshop Battles

The internet’s been having a field day using Photoshop on this photo of a US Navy dolphin jumping out of the water, wearing what I can only assume is a laser cannon on its fin, being watched by its handler. Without any Photoshop manipulation this is already a pretty badass photo, but once the wizards behind Photoshop Battles got ahold of it some truly spectacular things began to happen.

The last few times we checked in on Photoshop Battles they’ve mostly been posts of celebrities getting photoshopped into compromising positions, like Jennifer Lawrence holding sex toys, or Taylor Swift showing off a ton of skin backstage at The Grammys. This is a horse of a different color, and I really think you’re going to love these photos of a US Navy dolphin cyborg getting shopped into greatness.

For starters let’s see the normal photo without any Photoshop after effects. The last photo’s maybe/kinda/sorta NSFW for some of you, so be prepared to see some sexy stuff:

Now let’s get to the best from Photoshop Battles:

I had to cut that last one in half due to the naked butts at the bottom of the photo, you can see it in the thread by following THIS LINK though, it’s the one marked NSFW (obviously). And to check out previous Photoshop Battles rounds just follow that link!