Celebrate Chicago’s birthday with pizza and hot dog flavored popcorn

Today marks the Chicago’s 176th birthday, and The Popcorn Factory has made specialty flavors that are a tribute to Chicago cuisine to celebrate the occasion. Would you eat deep dish pizza, hot dog, and chocolate cheesecake popcorn?



Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Corn
There’s nothing like the legendary taste of Chicago-style pizza. And there’s nothing like The Popcorn Factory’s Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Corn! Celebrate Chicago’s reputation as the Pizza Capital of the World with crunchy corn loaded with tomato-y sauce, tangy mozzarella… all the monster flavor of a deep-dish pie.

They managed to pull off this flavor pretty well. You’re not going to think you’ve sunk your teeth into the brick we call pizza, but the taste is there thanks mostly to tomato powder and parmesan.

Chicago Chocolate Cheesecake Corn
Cream-cheesy goodness with a cult-like following – the flavor Chicago made famous! Sink your teeth into Chicago Chocolate Cheesecake Corn and discover sweet white popcorn with fragrant vanilla, rich chocolate drizzle and crumbly chunks of graham crackers.

This popcorn is absolutely delicious. Coating anything in chocolate is a good start, but it really does capture the rich and sweet flavor of of cheesecake.

Chicago Hot Dog Corn
Pay homage to the classic Chicago dog: a beefy kosher hotdog on a poppy seed bun with yellow mustard, green relish, chopped onion, tomato wedges, a pickle spear and celery salt (but never, ever ketchup)! Salty and oh-so-satisfying, Chicago Hot Dog Corn is loaded with memories.

I was understandably skeptical about hot dog flavored popcorn, but it actually tastes more like the toppings than meat stick. That seems appropriate given than the actual beef makes up about 15% of a Chicago dog. The most prominent flavors seem to be celery salt and mustard, but there is a hint of Vienna’s finest as well.

If you love Chicago or are just bold enough to try something new, these limited edition popcorn options are being sold for the rest of the month on The Popcorn Factory’s website.