Proof that President Obama picks March Madness teams worse than a 5-year old

Do we really want our country in the hands of someone who doesn’t know crap about March Madness? In five years, President Obama has picked only 4 of 20 Final Four participants correctly. That 20% basically mirrors his approval rating, amirite you guys? Commander-In-Chief? More like Commander-In-Fail.

Obama released his 2014 bracket this morning and surprise, surprise it has DERP written all over it. Two #4 seeds making the finals? Yeah, sure Obama. This is like that time you told me I could keep my insurance and then was like, NOPE, not gonna happen. Then you were like, “hey, go to to sign up” and NOPE, not working.

Totally not listening to you. Totally asking Vladimir Putin for his March Madness picks. That dude’s been on fire lately.