‘Today’ show has most embarrassing interview ever with ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Tailback’

Everyone’s talking about ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Tailback’ Cam McDaniel. The Notre Dame player who flashed a debonair smile while being tackled. Women are fawning over him, embarrassing themselves. The female hosts of the Today show talked to Cam this morning and it was perhaps the worst segment in TV history.

First, the photo for those of you who haven’t seen it.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty

And now, the interview in its entirety.

Things that were actually said during the segment.

Tamron Hall: “Can you hear us or can you see us drooling?
Natalie Morales: “Fancy this Cam, are you real?”
Savannah Guthrie: “Also, what’s your phone number?”
Tamron Hall: “He looked like a model with a chiseled jaw. Sexy stare with gently tussled hair.”

At one point, Al Roker gets frustrated with the fawning, tells Tamron to move it along. Then Cam McDaniel’s voice cracks. Everything about this segment was awkward and awful.

Imagine, if you will, Matt Lauer interviewing a female college athlete. Then imagine Matt Lauer asking for her number, jokingly of course. Then imagine Al Roker chiming in with “can you see me drooling?” Then Carson Daly begins describing her facial features, her high cheekbones, her flowing locks of hair.

I think you know what the response would be. I think you know they’d be called “creepy”, they’d be called “perverts.”

I’m not saying there’s a double standard….wait, yes, I am saying there’s a double standard.

But I digress, carry on with your meme.