Riley Cooper got into a fight with a black teammate at practice

Riley Cooper, remember him? Remember when he said he would fight every n-gger at a Kenny Chesney concert? Yea, well, one of his Eagles teammates got into with him at practice. He was black. It was not a coincidence.

Philly Inquirer/David Maialetti

Williams had to be forcibly pulled away. The fiery cornerback then walked to a separate field and strolled up and down by himself. Cooper looked visibly distraught and stayed out of one-on-one drills that involved receivers and defensive backs until DeSean Jackson came over to him. Jackson eventually walked over to Williams and had a conversation.

If not for injuries, Cooper wouldn’t be on this team. He’s simply too much of a distraction. Frankly, I’m surprised this is the first incident. Or perhaps, this is the first incident that was publicized.

Either way, his days in the NFL are numbered.

*UPDATE: Video of the altercation has surfaced