Rob Gronkowski has torn ACL, MCL

The news couldn’t be worse for Pats TE Rob Gronkowski. An MRI confirmed a torn ACL and MCL on this low, dirty hit from Browns safety T.J. Ward.



The NFL is so concerned with concussions, so concerned with CTE, they’re ignoring a major problem. The prevalence of the bridge or submarine tackle. A tackle that’s responsible for more injuries than ANY contact to the head. A tackle that’s ended more careers than any facemask, clothesline, or helmet-to-helmet hit.

Off the record, NFL players will tell you they’d much rather have a concussion than a blown out knee. Players simply can’t afford reconstructive surgery, they can’t afford missing an entire year. Their salaries depend on it, their lives depend on their ability to stay on the field.

Concussions are a major health issue long term. No one denies that. But these guys have five, maybe six years to make as much money as possible. Perhaps that should be taken into consideration by the NFL.

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