Round two of ‘Mortal Kombat Legacy’ looks mighty promising

And as far as live-action adaptations of video games that are serialized on YouTube, this one looks to be the absolute best thus far.

The first “season” of Mortal Kombat Legacy was hardly perfect, but overall, I thought it was pretty awesome. And therefore, my expectations for season two are fairly high. Thankfully, it’s looking great thus far…

Clearly, the budget and production values have gotten a major upgrade. But even if it was shot in some guy’s backyard, the fact that the dude who played Shang Tsung in the original Mortal Kombat movie (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) is reprising his role, is seriously all I need.

You also have Casper Van Dien assuming the role of Johnny Cage, which is a bit of a bummer, since the actor who played him in the first reason was actually pretty decent. Oh, and that guy from Iron Chef is Raiden. Interesting.

Not sure when the second season begins exactly. One has to assume that it’s very soon.