SanTan Brewing Company unleashes Sex Panther


It may not be made with real bits of endangered species, but SanTan Brewing Company is still betting that you’ll get lucky with their version of Sex Panther.

100% of the time it works every time. That’s because Sex Panter is a 6.9% ABV double chocolate porter. I’ve been on a chocolate beer kick as of late, especially those that add chilis to the wort. (I’m looking at you Pipeworks “End of Days.”) This beer is brewed Colonial Rosewood Cocoa and chocolate malt which should make it damn near drunken hot chocolate.

A huge chocolaty flavor combined with hints of truffle and molasses. Summit hops are used to balance the sweetness and White Wheat is added to give Sex Panther a smooth, creamy head that lasts all night! Perfectly paired with smoked meats and sweet treats.

What more can you ask for than a beer that goes with meats and treats. Maybe some teats?

The big beer markets tend to get the most love here on Guyism, but today it’s all about Arizona. SanTan Brewing is AZ’s fastest growing brewery, but you’ll still have to make the trip there to find Sex Panther. If you happen to live around Phoenix though, here’s a map of where you can find Ron Burgandy’s favorite beer.