This invention will change the way the world takes Selfies

Have you ever stared at a selfie and thought “this picture could be so much better?” Well, you’re a perfectionist with a slight case of narcissism.

You might also be interested in the Selfie Stick.

“It’s called a selfie stick,” explains Diana Hemas Sari, a 21-year-old entrepreneur from Indonesia. She’s holding an extendable metal wand that has a blue plastic handle at one end and her white Samsung smartphone clipped to the other.

I’ve just watched her use this monopod — nicknamed the “selfie stick” since she and her friends use it exclusively for selfies — to lift her phone three feet away in the air, set the camera’s self-timer, then snap a photo of her mugging with her seven closest pals.

I’m hoping the Selfie Stick trend encourages another trend called “the beating with a Selfie Stick in public.”

Here’s an odd idea — ask a stranger to take the photo. Or maybe not everyone gets in the photo. It’s a tough world but I feel being asked to sit out a Selfie is one step closer to making the world a little bit better.

What would make the world a hell of a lot better is no more selfies but the only way to stop the trend completely are those beatings I mentioned earlier.

Teen Selfie-Snappers Are Going Wild For The ‘Selfie Stick’ [Huffington Post]

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