Couple arrested for having sex at a Chipotle…sorry, ON a Chipotle


It’s like the “Mile High Club” except only forty feet off the ground and on top of a Mexican restaurant.

A Newark, Delaware couple was arrested for having sex on top of a Chipotle.

According to reports, officers from the Newark Police Department were called to the scene after receiving “multiple reports of a male and female having sex on the roof of the restaurant.” When cops arrived they clearly observed the couple engaging in sexual intercourse on the roof towards the front of the building.

Cops demanded the couple stop. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

The officer told the couple to stop, but police say they continued for approximately 15-20 seconds before stopping.

Good for you, Mr. Michael Suh. Not only were you able to get a girl to have sex on top of a fast food joint, you were able to stay hard out in the open AND continue even after cops told you to stop. One shout from the cops and my junk is softer than a burrito in a sauna.

[via CBS]

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