Sexually Oblivious Female: Meme You Should Know

Admit it, being sexually oblivious is something that’s plagued each and every one of you at some point in your life. Nobody, not even Don Juan Demarco has correctly read every sexual situation that has come his way. Often, these moments came to pass when you were going through your sexual awakening and simply didn’t know how to properly read situations. On the flip side though is the enduring naiveté of those folks who grew up in a more sheltered lifestyle. Well, because this is the Internet and there’s meme for practically every situation imaginable, today we’re taking a look at the Sexually Oblivious Female in our Meme You Should Know.

Guys, if you’re laying down your pick-up lines and these are the responses you’re getting then you’re simply going to need to be more explicit. Ladies, if you’ve heard any of these lines before and this was your response, feel free to not be embarrassed. Because as I mentioned before, everyone of us has misread a situation before, though not quite as hilariously as the Sexually Oblivious Female meme.

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