Sons of Anarchy season 6 episode 4 recap: ‘Wolf At The Door’


Say goodbye to an old friend and a new enemy with this week’s brutal Sons Of Anarchy. Sorry I missed recapping last week’s episode – real-world garbage intruded – but this season of Sons has been bringing the ruckus. Let’s dive right in to “Wolfsangel.”

In the last episode, it looked like Jax had finally sent Tig over to August to be killed to finally settle the debt between Damon Pope’s old gang and SAMCRO. This week we see Tig alive and well – apparently it was all a test of Jax’s loyalty. That obviously can’t feel good for Tig, learning that your boss gave you up like that, and I’m sure it’s going to have repercussions.

Jax is moving SAMCRO out of the arms business, which isn’t sitting well with Galen and the IRA. At a meeting, things escalate to fisticuffs (as often happens), and then afterwards it gets worse. The Irish bring a load of guns to the Sons’ warehouse and punctuate their disrespect by killing Filthy Phil and V-Lin, shooting them and cutting them into pieces.

The episode’s B-story involved a gang of neo-Nazis pissed off because Clay killed one of their own in prison. They retaliate against poor Unser, leading SAMCRO to get revenge by massacring them and planting the guns from the Irish on the scene. The club isn’t sold on the idea, though, especially Chibs, who confronts Jax on how he’s basically becoming Clay. Is there any other way he could go, though? Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.

Meanwhile, Lee Toric is still trying to break Otto in prison, leading to the episode’s biggest shock (and that’s saying a lot). First he takes Clay to see how demolished Otto is to encourage him to flip, but Clay manages to sneak Otto a blade. Needless to say, that blade winds up deep in Toric’s throat before guards gun Otto down. Apparently Donal Logue had a commitment on another show, but it’s kind of bonkers they had to write him out so quickly. Otto, on the other hand, had gone about as far as a character could go on this show, so it’s probably for the best that they wrote him out.